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        Atmospheric Curing Kit 2128

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        Main Technical Parameter
        1.Working Temperature:﹤93℃
        2.Working Pressure:Atmosphere
        3.Rated Power:AC220V  50/60Hz
        4.Rated Power:4000W
        5.Inside Dimension:800×400×300
        6.Outside Dimension:900×800×500
        Instrument Structure and Working Principles
        1.Instrument Structure
         It adopts high-class stainless steel and environmental protection heat insulation materials. Heat and cure molds on the insulating-layer. It has good merits of sturdy and durable, corrosion-resistant, good warm-keeping effect and elegant appearance. Control system adopts advanced intelligent temperature regulator technology, which can control and display liquid temperature in liquid kit strictly. The instrument operates easily, controls temperature accurately, heats rapidly and is safe and easy to maintain.
        2.Working Principles
         Make liquid heating media, simulate field actual condition, heat body at constant temperature for curing.


        All design and specifications are for reference only and is subject to change without prior notice.

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