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      HPHT Consistometer 8040

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      ●Conform to API Specification10;
      ●Manufacturing Company has passed ISO9001 Quality Certification;
      ●Digital intelligent temperature control and digital temperature display;
      ●Special alloy casting autoclave body;
      ●Maximum pressure is 315Mpa;
      ●Maximum temperature is 275℃;
      ● High power heater;
      ●Sturdy, durable and convenient;
      ●Its main control and executive unit are made of exported components;
      ●Magnetic drive device, convenient maintenance;
      ●Cool down autoclave body fastly;
      ●Seal the autoclave body by O ring ;
      ●Pen recorder draws temperature and consistency value;
      ●Can choose 5270 PC data collector and control system to put testing structure into PC and collect, save and copy experiment data.

      Main Technical Parameter    
      NameTechnical Parameter
      Maximum Working Temperature315℃
      Maximum Working Pressure275Mpa
      Consistency Range0~100BC
      Rotary Speed of Slurry Cup150r/min
      Power of Heater4000W
      Power SupplyVAC220±10% 50/60HZ
      Input Power5000W
      Environment RequirementTemperature:0~40℃;Humidity:0~95%
      Compressed Air600~1000kpa
      Pressure MediumMineral Oil

      All design and specifications are for reference only and is subject to change without prior notice.

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